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Why Is An Extraction Necessary?

Oral health care providers prefer to save a natural tooth whenever possible. But there are instances in which an extraction is necessary. An extraction is a complete removal of a tooth from its socket.

When are Extractions Needed?

Extractions may be required when:

  • the tooth has experienced a severe fracture
  • there is severe tooth decay present
  • there is advanced gum disease causing the the tooth to become mobile
  • an impaction of the tooth ( that is, the tooth has not been able to erupt normally)
  • crowding

What to Expect During an Extraction

When you are scheduled for an extraction, Dr. Casey will review the medical history to ascertain whether the patient has any health concerns or is taking medication that may impact the recovery from the extraction.

His dental assistant will take an xray of the tooth to be extracted to check the bone levels, state of the roots and the extent of the damage to the tooth.

He will then apply a numbing agent to the gums around the tooth before administering a small amount of local anaesthetic. Once he has confirmed that the patient is fully numb, he will remove the tooth, clean and disinfect the socket, and place stitches if required.

Dr. Casey will then place gauze over the extraction site and ask the patient to keep steady, firm pressure on the site. This pressure helps slow the bleeding and promotes clotting.

The gauze can be removed once bleeding has slowed, but a small amount of bleeding can be expected to continue for 24 hours.

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